What comes to our minds when we hear hair wig?

This thought process creates a stigma to use hair wigs amongst everyone. Instead hair wigs, extensions and patches should be used as a fashion accessory to make us feel even more beautiful and confident.

In this modern age of wanting to look different why are we depending on clothes and makeup to look beautiful, when our hairstyle is capable of giving a complete makeover.

Gone are the days when we only talked about “Good hair day” Today with good hair everyday we also want a different style, different texture, different color and different length of hair.

All this cannot be achieved with the hair we have. So why not use a very convenient alternative to style our hair without damaging our original hair with harmful chemicals and spending hours for it.



DIRA HAIR is an organization that is constructed on the basis of human sentiments and values. We care for our fellow humans and we’d always want the best to come your way. This is our dream to end the stigma or resistance in the application of external hair products and end the limitations it has been presumed.


Break the limits

With such a dream and like-minded individuals, we commenced the entry of DIRA HAIR which is here to break the limits and normalize the use of Hair wigs/Extensions and patches.

We intend to be the best providers of Hair support and we’re on our way to achieve our dream where there would be more smiles reaching miles. This was our idea of getting into the hair business as it was stigmatized and had been limited to only a requirement for hair loss.

But we wanted to end these limitations and break the barriers as we saw an open approach from the clients end in regards with the wig and extensions. We decided to make wigs and extensions for the bald and also as a fashion statement. We possess great quality wigs and extensions that could make you instantly party ready.


Words from the face of DIRA HAIR

It brings me immense pleasure to have commenced a business with one such cause of putting smiles on the faces. It was my idea of entering into the hair business because I want to change the perception behind the ideology of using external hair. The idea was revolving in my head when I saw some of my uncle suffering with baldness and the treatment he underwent. It wasn’t a pleasant view to see him bleed from the head when he went to grow his hair back. I saw them taking heavy dosage of medicines, oils and supplements which eventually brought him no results. We all are aware what cancer does to people, when these warriors lose hair they stop coming out in Public, The least we could do is end this misery and give them good hair.

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It’s Not Just A Product, It’s A Feeling.

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Hair Products For The Cancer Warrior

We feel the amount of pain and uneasiness you go through with the chemo therapy. We always hope the best for you and wish for a speedy recovery. We cater with extensive care for all the cancer warriors with our hair products that will always keep you smiling and emerge victorious!

We ensure A grade quality products and services for your hair requirements. We have the best quality hair wigs and extensions. We being customer-centric have always cared for our customers and that’s why we emphasise a lot on quality for we always value your demands and go to any extent when it comes to customize a product specially for you. YOU ARE SPECIAL.

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Non-surgical Hair Replacement For You, A Way Without Pain To Attain The Most Of Your Beauty:

All of us feel our hair as our crown. Indeed, it does add to the beauty we possess and reflect our style sense to feel attractive. Unfortunately, the lifestyle, diet, environmental problems, hierarchical issues and a lot more have been contributing towards hair loss and hair damage which result in balding. There have always been products which have helped you with the balding. But our question to you is: ARE YOU HAPPY? ARE YOU SATISFIED?

If you aren’t, visit us once and let us change your perception towards hair wigs and extensions. Applying a wig can be fashionable because we camouflage it to your scalp to an extent where the mirror you couldn’t recognize what’s changed. All those lost hair is back! With a procedure that is painless and non-surgical.